Portrait Commissions
Original Portraits by Marjorie Bresler
Capture a special moment, or one that you love for years to come or even for generations.

Give someone special a highly personal gift that they will treasure for a lifetime.

Each portrait is hand painted stroke by stroke using the most permanent paints and mediums available on the market.

Available for commissions throughout South Africa
Variety of options
From formal portrait to a relaxed “moment in time" contact me to discuss your requirements
Capturing the 'essence'
To capture the essence I meet the client and take a series of my own photographs
Will you like the result
No payment is made should the client not approve the final portrait
Available for portrait commissions in Durban, KZN, South Africa
By Appointment please
email bresler@iafrica.com
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About Marjorie Bresler
I have been fortunate to study under several professional artists – one of whom was a professional portrait artist who was trained at Slade in England. 

I am passionate about portraits.

Although I do work from photographs (and from life), I seek to portray the sitter in a characteristic way and do not just “copy a photograph”. I must, therefore, meet with the client and take a series of my own photographs. Not every photograph captures the essence of the sitter.

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